Intermediate Level Karate Class

Once our students are ready and have been promoted, we introduce them into our INTERMEDIATE LEVEL classes. These level classes are constructed for students ranked Yellow Tip, Yellow Belt, Orange Tip, Orange Belt and Green Tip.


These students begin to build on the basics they have been taught and start to learn more complex techniques. They continue to higher kata forms and start studying the handling of Japanese traditional weapons.

  • KIHON – Intermediate basic techniques including:
    • Stances
    • Punches
    • Kicks
    • Blocks
    • Shuto (knife hand)
  • KATA – Form exercises composed of combinations of stances, punches, and kicks.
  • WEAPONS – Introduction to the handling and basic techniques of Japanese traditional weapons which include bo, tonfa, and nunchaku.
  • KUMITE – Fighting
    • Kicks and punches on padded shields and hand mitts.
    • Footwork and stances.
    • Intermediate combinations of punches, kicks, and blocks simulated with a partner.
    • Light sparring under the instructor’s supervision.
  • FITNESS TRAINING – Cardio training.

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