Karate and Martial Arts School in Connecticut

We welcome anyone that wants to follow our teachings and who seek to be part of an organization that promotes the traditional ways of Japanese karate. Our team teaches karate in a positive atmosphere where hard training, perseverance, respect is at the core of our foundation.

There are many reasons that people join us, some want to learn to fight, others want to get a good workout or learn our katas and how to use weapons. Whatever your reason, there is a path for you here to pursue that. Karate is a way of life, it only begins, and never ends.

At Kanreikai Karate of Connecticut we follow the teachings of grand masters Mas OyamaShigeru Oyama and Manny Matias. These teachings are essential part of the World Kanreikai Karate Organization.

Sensei Chris Goncalves and the team at Kanreikai Karate of Connecticut is leading the path to always help our students accomplish their personal goals. The team’s focus is to continuously promote our traditional Japanese karate style, the health, and mental benefits. We are here to guide students to reach beyond what they thought their limits were.

We invite you to stop by our dojo to learn more about us and learn what makes us different.  Understand our code of conduct, the Japanese terminology we use at the dojo, how we promote our students using our ranking system (tips and belts). Learn more about our Grand MasterChief Instructor, and Instructors, and have a tour of our dojo.

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We are pleased to welcome you at Kanreikai Karate of Connecticut. We invite you to learn more about our traditional Japanese karate school and teaching approach, including our code of conduct and japanese glossary.

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We are proud to offer you a virtual tour of our spacious and fully equipped Danbury karate dojo. Our goal is to offer you top quality teaching and training in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

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Hanshi Manny Matias, 8th dan, co-founder and Grand Master of World Kanreikai Karate is a pioneer of traditional Japanese Karate in America. He has been leading by example since the early seventies, training, competing, teaching and coaching world champions.

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Sensei Chris Goncalves, 3rd dan, is a well known figure in the contact karate community. His qualities as a teacher, trainer and worldwide Knockdown Champion make him a very appreciated and respected karate ambassador among his peers.

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The instructors who assist Sensei Chris are talented and experienced teachers who have known and respected each other for many years. With Sensei Chris, they form a solid team where each one brings a unique contribution according to his specific skills.

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The learning level of each student is displayed by the color of their belt and tip. Our Kanreikai Karate Ranking System establishes the technical requirements for every belt (or tip) level. This system is in use at all World Kanreikai Karate schools, it adds consistency and fairness in our students’ promotion process.

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