Advanced Level martial arts Karate in Danbury, CT

​Students who have made the commitment and reached the rank of Green Belt to Black Belt understand that they must continue developing and maintain patience to perfect their technique by attending ADVANCED LEVEL classes.

These students have continued to develop and are great examples of what can be accomplished for our beginner and intermediate students. Our Black Belts, senior students are called Senpai, begin to help assist our instructors in class and learn how to teach.

Attending advanced level classes require students to maintain concentration and strength of character to continue to push forward with their goals. These classes are challenging, and a great level of desire and focus are needed to be able to earn the next promotion.


Advanced level students’ commitments are challenged to keep improving their technique and mental strength.

Preparing for each Belt Promotion Test embodies our students for the challenge that lays ahead of them. All the hard work that has been put into their training is preparing and motivating them to reach Black belt. They are ready to work very hard to pursue their journey and goal.

  • KIHON – Advanced techniques include:
    • Stances
    • Punches
    • Kicks
    • Blocks
    • Shuto
    • Elbow strikes
    • Shotei
  • KATA – These form exercises advance to complex sequences of stances, punches, kicks, blocks, shuto and shotei. These katas require a high level of focus and constant practice to learn.
  • WEAPONS – Learning to use these traditional Japanese weapons which include bo, tonfa, nunchaku, sai. Students then learn weapon Kata forms.
  • KUMITE – Intensive Fighting Training.
    • Combinations of kicks and punches on padded shields, hand mitts and other training equipment.
    • Advanced footwork.
    • Complex combinations of punches, kicks, and blocks practicing with other students in class.
    • Fighting under the supervision of instructors and senior students.
  • FITNESS TRAINING – Intensive cardio workouts



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