7-11 Years Old Karate Class

Our Beginner Kids Karate classes are for students ages 7 to 11 years old. Karate begins with basics called KIHON. Free fighting is the goal, and we call this KUMITE.

First, students learn body movements. These movements include using arms, hands, elbows, legs, knees, and feet. Second, they recognize what their strengths and weaknesses are. Third, our exercises help develop their coordination and agility. Performance improves in other sports that they participate in.

Beginner students start to learn KATA which are form exercises. These katas are combinations of all different body movement. Techniques that include, punches, blocks, kicks, and stances. This builds a foundation to learn advanced movements and techniques.


Basic techniques are broken into stances, hand, and foot techniques. Our kids karate classes introduces these techniques to all of our students and they must learn to understand that it takes desire, determination, patience, and practice. This then begins the journey of developing the foundation to focus on technique, balance, self-respect, which ultimately leads to building confidence in self.  Below are other aspects that are introduced:

  • Dojo Rules & Conduct – Rules that we follow and the conduct that must be met.
  • Japanese Terminology – We teach techniques in Japanese and English.
  • KIHON – Basic techniques:
    • Stances
    • Punches
    • Kicks
  • KATA – Form exercises composed of combinations of stances, punches, and kicks.
  • KUMITE – Fighting
    • Kicks and punches on padded shields and hand mitts.
    • Learned techniques applied one on one.
    • Light sparring under instructor’s supervision.

Beginner Level Kids Karate



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